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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

8th August 2022

So my final shift of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is done.

As some of you know, I was hesitant about being involved with this for a variety of reasons.

But my third major games, on the doorstep in the city where I was actually born was an opportunity I decided I didn’t want to miss.

And I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

Working with other medical colleagues at all different stages in their career in some beautiful venues and by far the prettiest Athlete’s Village I’ve ever been in has been a treat.

Meeting athlete’s from all round the world of all ages and backgrounds is as humbling as ever and serves as a reminder of how blessed we are in this country in terms of health provision and sports facilities.
The sport has been amazing.

And Birmingham has shone, it looks stunning, the welcome has been incredible and the atmosphere super special.
The early starts, late finishes, flying around and enormous step count have taken their toll so I’m gonna put my feet up for the afternoon before busy clinics this week from tomorrow.

If you are waiting for replies to emails etc, I will be in touch but for today, I am just gonna catch my breath!


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