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Post Stress Slump

8th May 2021

Post Stress Slump

I’m seeing lots of people who are feeling pretty tired at the moment and can’t understand why.

They feel conflicted as they think they should feel energised and excited at decreasing restrictions and more social interaction but instead they feel flat and lethargic.

It’s quite common to experience a slump after a time of high stress.

Ever experienced that thing where you’re crazy busy and on the countdown to a holiday, only to get ill as your start your annual leave? Yeah that.

The last year has been full of worries about our own health and those we love, constant change and uncertainty, financial hardship, social restriction and isolation on top of the other stresses we experience in life.

During times of high stress you produce adrenaline and cortisol and your nervous system is in a heightened state of flight or fight. And most of us have been firefighting for a good year now.

Once the stress starts to reduce and we can relax, we notice how utterly exhausted we are and can end up in a slump.

So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not as full of beans as you expected to be.

Pace yourself as you return back to ‘normal’ and remember you don’t have to accept every social invitation.

Spend time with those who lift you up, take some exercise regularly and try to eat well, keep hydrated and sleep enough.

And remember, this too shall pass......

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