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20th May 2024
Embrace the Space: Let's Talk About Stopping the Productivity Fetish

So here's something that has been on my mind lately: the obsession with productivity. Yep, you heard me right. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is preaching about hustle culture, optimizing every second of your day and squeezing out every drop of energy in your system in the pursuit of progress. The endless message is […]

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4th April 2024
What’s the best way to book an appointment?

What’s the best way to book an appointment? The clinic is super busy at the moment as we are in full spring marathon training swing, so it’s best to get those niggles booked in if you can, before they get worse. The quickest and easiest way to book is to call 07810 182876. I have […]

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22nd February 2024
When is a niggle just a niggle?

When is a niggle just a niggle? As we go through life we all get aches and pains. Sometimes it’s associated with starting a new activity or a change in habits. And sometimes they appear for no obvious reason. Very often pains go away by themselves in time. If we ran to the Dr or […]

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21st December 2023
A couple of little requests

The diary is chocca block this week until Friday when I finish for Christmas. So a couple of little requests from me…. First up, it’s a busy time. I understand that. But if you need to cancel your appointment please give me as much notice as possible. This gives me chance of moving forward one […]

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23rd November 2023
Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours I know, I know….it’s only November. But I need to mention the ‘C’ word! The clinic will close on Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January for the Christmas break. The diary is looking pretty busy over the next couple of weeks already, so if you have injuries or niggles you need […]

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2nd October 2023
Why Rest Is Not Always Best For Musculoskeletal Injuries. 

Why Rest Is Not Always Best For Musculoskeletal Injuries. So, you've sprained your ankle, tweaked your back, or done something equally delightful to your muscles and joints. Your first instinct? Rest, right? Well, hold onto your crutches because I'm here to tell you that sometimes, rest is not always the best prescription for MSK injuries. […]

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14th July 2023
Musculoskeletal Pain During Menopause: Understanding and Managing the Unseen Challenge

Musculoskeletal Pain During Menopause: Understanding and Managing the Unseen Challenge Menopause is a significant phase in a woman's life. While hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances are commonly associated with menopause, one often-overlooked symptom is musculoskeletal pain. This blog aims to shed light on musculoskeletal pain during menopause, its causes, and effective management strategies […]

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29th June 2023
Sprains, Strains and Stress Fractures: Common Cricketing Injuries and How to Avoid them.

When you think of sports that cause injuries, often the contact sports such as rugby and football are the first to spring to mind. But cricket has a surprisingly high incidence of injury with an average of 102 injuries per 1000 days of play across all formats at the elite level. One-day cricket has the […]

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22nd June 2023
5 Common Training Errors – and Tips to Avoid Them!

The causes of sports injuries are often complex and multifactorial. But training error has to be one of the most common contributing factors. These errors are often easy to spot with hindsight but being aware of them at the time can save you a lot of pain and frustration. Here are a few of the […]

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20th February 2023
Health Coach Training

Health Coach Training Most people who work in healthcare understand that our health is interconnected between bodily systems, particularly when it comes to chronic, non communicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal pain. The big problem is delivering integrated and personalised care. The knee specialist looks at your knee, the heart specialist look at […]

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17th January 2023
Walking - a much underrated health intervention

Walking - a much underrated health intervention For some people, getting fitter and more active feels a bit intimidating. Maybe they’ve never done sport, or lack confidence in a gym environment. Walking is often overlooked but it’s free, accessible to the vast majority of people and a 10 minute brisk walk (where you are a […]

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19th December 2022
Nuffield Health Update

Nuffield Health Update Evening All… Just a quick update. As of 9.12.22 I am no longer accepting new referrals from Nuffield Health. I have been a Physiotherapy provider for them for 9 years and unfortunately their fees have not increased at all in that time and is unsustainable as a business. Any current Nuffield patients […]

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6th September 2022

? Mythbuster ? Many people, sadly still including some healthcare professionals, believe that children must not do strength training. Usually this comes from a belief that it can damage growth plates or be ineffective due to a lack of testosterone. Fortunately both these things are untrue. Any sport or activity comes with a risk of […]

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6th September 2022

D.O.M.S Most of us have experienced muscle pain after exercise commonly known as DOMS. Today, after my return to the gym this week I have the gait of a penguin and squeak getting on and off the loo…. ? ? But what exactly is DOMS? Do you need to worry about it? What can you […]

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23rd August 2022
Temporary Roadworks - No Parking

? Morning Folks ? Just to let you known there are temporary traffic lights outside on New Road at the moment meaning there is no parking available in the bays opposite clinic at the moment. Also, Stoke Road between Dick’s Smokehouse and the Co-op is also closed which may also affect your journey so you […]

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17th August 2022
Out Of Office - Back Monday 22.08.22

Hi all, Just a reminder that I am away until Monday 22nd August and will catch up with messages then. If you need to book or rearrange an appointment in my absence please call 07810 182876 and the PA team can answer your call. Cheers Anna

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8th August 2022
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

So my final shift of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is done. As some of you know, I was hesitant about being involved with this for a variety of reasons. But my third major games, on the doorstep in the city where I was actually born was an opportunity I decided I didn’t want to […]

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16th July 2022
Ac Physio Clinic Update July 2022

Hey Everyone, Just a little update from me…. We have an exciting and busy few weeks of sport coming up. I’ll be working at the Timberhonger 10Km on Saturday and my shifts for the Commonwealth Games start next week. This means the diary is extra busy over the next month….so if you could all predict […]

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30th May 2022
What you want isn’t always what you need

When it comes to recovering from injury or improving our mental or physical health, we have to focus on what we need, rather than what we want. Of course, a little of what you fancy does you no harm. But often making positive changes requires hard work and consistency over a long period of time. […]

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16th May 2022
“Running is bad for your knees” The Myth

“Running is bad for your knees” This is myth that refuses to die so I LOVE this post from The Sports Podiatrist. So, a little louder for those at the back. Research tells us that recreational runners are LESS likely to get Osteoarthritis (OA) knees than sedentary people. Read that again. And if you have […]

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14th March 2022
What’s the story morning glory

When it comes to our health most of us are more than happy to talk about our bad back, sprained ankle or tennis elbow. Certain subjects still feel awkward and taboo for many though such as bladder, bowel and sexual function. These parts of our health are equally (if not more) important too though and […]

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28th February 2022
COVID19 Update 28.02.22

Morning Folks! I know there is a lot going on in the world right now so I’m loathe to bring up the ‘C’ word, but just a little update….. Whilst restrictions and requirements to self isolate have been removed in the vast majority of places, what has been less well publicised is that, as yet, […]

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23rd February 2022
February 2022 Update

Just a quick note of reassurance that I am still testing using Lateral Flow Tests. I have some clinically vulnerable patients and I feel very strongly I have a duty of care to ensure I protect them as much as possible, especially now measures are less stringent elsewhere. Mild for many but still very problematic […]

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24th December 2021
2021 That's all folkes!

So after what has felt like the longest week ever, my final clinic for 2021 is done. It’s been another tough year in many ways with more changes, risk assessments, PPE, expense and hassle. And I won’t lie, I’m absolutely shattered. But as always, I am super grateful for your support. Your patience, understanding and […]

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9th December 2021
COVID19 Update 08.12.21

Following the PMs announcement regarding moving to Plan B this evening I just wanted to reassure you nothing has/will change in clinic. I am still wearing PPE which is changed between patients. I am still leaving a 15 minute gap between appointments to ventilate the room and prevent patients coming into contact with each other […]

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6th December 2021
Finding Space

✨ Finding Space ✨ We live in a world of constant stimulation and distraction. Endless messages via text, WhatsApp, email, social media. A barrage of negative news and controversy. Plus the individual stresses and pressures everyone faces in one way or another. It can all feel overwhelming sometimes. Having experienced burnout I’ve found it essential […]

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24th September 2021
How does your environment shape your behaviour?

How does your environment shape your behaviour? If you go for a walk along a flat, tarmac, straight path, you will likely move your body in a fairly predictable, repetitive way. If you walk along a footpath in a woodland you will have to negotiate tree roots and other natural objects to move over and […]

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26th July 2021
⚠️ Parking Info ⚠️ 26th - 30th July 2021

Morning Folks! There are 4 way traffic lights in Aston Fields from this morning. This means the parking bays opposite clinic are unavailable all week. As always there is 2 hours free parking at the old railway station (you still need to get a ticket) and pay and display in the station also. Please remember […]

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8th July 2021
COVID19 PPE Update

Evening folks, with all the chit chat about restrictions being lifted and whether to mask or not mask I thought I’d update you on the position here in clinic. As yet, healthcare settings have had no change to the PHE guidance regarding PPE. I work in close contact with patients some of whom are clinically […]

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8th May 2021
Post Stress Slump

Post Stress Slump I’m seeing lots of people who are feeling pretty tired at the moment and can’t understand why. They feel conflicted as they think they should feel energised and excited at decreasing restrictions and more social interaction but instead they feel flat and lethargic. It’s quite common to experience a slump after a […]

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28th April 2021
BUPA Update

BUPA Update Morning folks. Just to let you know that going forward I will be unable to accept referrals from patients wishing to use BUPA insurance unfortunately. This is for 2 reasons: 1) BUPA have stated I have not treated enough of their patients in the last 12 months to renew. I’m not alone as […]

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27th April 2021
No More No Shows...

It seems it’s grumble o’clock..... I hardly ever get any no shows usually. Unfortunately this has increased over the last few weeks. I suspect this is a combination of things opening up so folk getting busy and people having to book a few weeks in advance as I’m so busy. When you book you will […]

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30th March 2021
Take It Steady - Physio Advice for Grassroots Sports

As grassroots sports begin to start back up with gyms following closely behind, many people will be absolutely chomping at the bit to get back to it. The feel good from exercise, the social interaction and structure are hugely beneficial for so many people. If you haven’t trained regularly for much of the year or […]

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30th January 2021
January Goals – A Reflection on Behaviour Change

A Reflection on Behaviour Change *Disclaimer – this does not constitute professional advice for behaviour that is compulsive or constitutes an addiction. I’m not usually one for New Year Resolution hype or the “New Year New Me!” rhetoric. And whilst I think that personal/professional development and a growth mindset are positive things, the constant quest […]

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21st January 2021
Sleep - An Underrated Health Intervention

Sleep – an underrated health intervention? As I have progressed through my career I have become more interested in societal and environmental factors within health and human behaviour. The environment we live and work in, the people we interact with, societal and cultural values and norms can really shape our behaviour. One thing I see […]

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11th January 2021
Be A Rehab Guru

We know from research and experience that the solution for most musculoskeletal issues is active rehabilitation. We also know that rehab is only effective if you do it.... Following a Physio assessment, patients are sent their rehab programmes via email with videos...long gone are the days of stick man drawings! To streamline this even further, […]

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2nd January 2021
COVID19 Tier 3 Update 02/01/21

COVID 19  Tier 3 Update Happy New Year All, Worcestershire is now in Tier 3. As a healthcare provider, I am still permitted to remain open under COVID safe procedures. I am still allowing 15 minutes between appointments to ensure patients do not cross over and to allow me to clean more thoroughly. As such […]

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1st January 2021
Should you think twice about doing a run streak?

Run Streaks – A Good Idea or Not? So as January looms on the horizon after a period of celebration and indulgence, for many of us it’s a natural time to reset. We may wish to review habits, set goals, change behaviours and start the New Year on the right foot. January challenges can be […]

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25th October 2020
Fighting Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue How often is it that when you ask someone how they are, that the answer is ‘tired’ ‘weary’ or ‘knackered’? For me anyway, pretty common. ‘TATT’ - Tired All The Time is a hugely common reason people visit the GP in this country and can sometimes be due to certain illnesses. But often, […]

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28th September 2020
A polite reminder during this pandemic

Hi everyone, Just a gentle reminder to please ONLY attend at your appointment time and not come early to clinic. I have a 15 minute gap between patients to allow me to clean down all surfaces AND to ensure patients do not crossover on their way in/out. This is to ensure not only everyone’s safety […]

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10th July 2020
Physiotherapy and Yoga bookings July 2020

  Physiotherapy and Yoga bookings July 2020 Hello there, I hope you're all keeping well. I just thought I'd drop a quick update to let you know how current operations are with the Physiotherapy and Yoga bookings at present. I am offering appointments both online and face to face for physiotherapy but please be aware […]

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20th December 2019
Over & Out! (Well, for a few days anyway.....)

That’s it for 2019 folks! After a busy year with its fair share of highs and lows like everyone, it’s time to rest the thumbs, put my feet up and have a good go at eating my body weight in cheese ? A huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the […]

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14th April 2019
The Benefits of Wearing Many Hats!

The Benefits of Wearing Many Hats! So the time has come to write a blog about my extensive bobble hat collection…..ok, maybe that is for another time! It is often said to me “Anna, you are the busiest person I know, I don’t know how you do it!” It is true I have a pretty […]

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28th February 2019
Getting back in the saddle

Getting Back in the Saddle During my teenage years I could generally be found gallivanting around the countryside on either horseback or my bike. I was super lucky that some family friends had a horse that they loaned to me during those years and my friend and I would disappear for the day exploring and […]

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21st December 2018
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Annnnddd that’s a wrap! The clinic is now closed until Wednesday 2nd January with Yoga classes starting Tuesday 8th January! Time to spend some precious time with family and friends and enjoy a G&T or 2! I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thanks to all my patients, family and friends […]

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2nd December 2018
Surviving Spring Marathon Training

10 Tips For Surviving Spring Marathon Training It’s a familiar story for me in the clinic. You turn on your TV one Sunday towards the end of April and see this…. First go the elite racers, flying along at superhuman speeds that most of us couldn’t sustain for 26.2 metres let alone 26.2 miles! Then […]

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13th November 2018
The Unhealthy Side To Wellness

Wellness, it’s just a word, right? It is now a word with a multi-million pound industry built around it, but there is also an unhealthy side to wellness. If you look around, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you are one Avocado on Toast, expensive nutritional supplement (read pyramid sales scheme) or Yoga class away […]

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1st August 2018
Happy Birthday to the Paralympic Games

So yesterday marked the 70th Birthday of the Paralympics! The Paralympics were the brainchild of a German born refugee Dr Ludwig Guttman and started at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1948. They have gone on to provide a global stage for the Worlds best Paralympians. I have been super lucky to work at both London 2012 […]

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