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The Phases of Physiotherapy: From Assessment to Return

Restoring Mobility, Stability, and Strength

Early intervention is crucial, which is why we focus on restoring mobility, stability, and strength as early as possible. Depending on the nature of your injury, my approach may involve a combination of in-room treatment and gym exercises. I will provide you with a comprehensive home exercise program to expedite your recovery.

Rebuilding Strength for Optimal Recovery

Strength plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation process. The "Strength Recovery" phase involves introducing gradual loads to the recovering body part, gradually building up the strength that may have been lost due to an injury or surgery.

Navigating the Journey Back to Sport

The ultimate goal of any physiotherapy program is to facilitate your return to sports-specific movements. This final phase focuses on restoring your pre-injury skills, incorporating speed work, agility, coordination, and balance exercises tailored to your sport. I ensure that you're on a well-structured path to achieving your goals within your chosen field of sport.
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