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COVID19 Update 28.02.22

28th February 2022

Morning Folks!
I know there is a lot going on in the world right now so I’m loathe to bring up the ‘C’ word, but just a little update…..
Whilst restrictions and requirements to self isolate have been removed in the vast majority of places, what has been less well publicised is that, as yet, nothing has changed in healthcare settings.
I am still required to wear PPE and, I am still required to self isolate should I contract COVID.
This is because I work in close proximity to patients, some of whom are immunosuppressed or clinically vulnerable due to various medical conditions.
Obviously having to self isolate would also have significant ramifications on my business especially as I am self employed.
So whilst I know folk don’t want to let me down, if you have COVID, flu, a cough or cold, tummy bug etc please call to rearrange your appointment.
I usually have a waiting list so can fill cancellations and you will benefit more from a session when you are well.
Thanks for your understanding on this.

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