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Take It Steady - Physio Advice for Grassroots Sports

30th March 2021
As grassroots sports begin to start back up with gyms following closely behind, many people will be absolutely chomping at the bit to get back to it.
The feel good from exercise, the social interaction and structure are hugely beneficial for so many people.
If you haven’t trained regularly for much of the year or even if you have, but haven’t played your specific sport consistently for several months......take it steady.
Hurtling headlong into 80 or 90 minutes of high intensity activity will massively increase your risk of injury.
Bodies don’t generally like big changes in activity with most sports injuries being the result of too much, too quickly, repeated too often.
I don’t want to curb your enthusiasm but I’d make the following suggestions to reduce your chances of spending more time on the sidelines:
⏰ Establish a strength training routine to support your sport (this won’t help straight away but will support in the longer term)
⬆️ Warm Up properly
? ? ? Eat, sleep and drink optimally to support recovery
⏳ Play shorter minutes if at all possible, most catastrophic injuries happen at the end of the first half and end of the second half with fatigue a factor. Plan ahead for this!

? Most of all enjoy yourself!



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