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Walking - a much underrated health intervention

17th January 2023

Walking - a much underrated health intervention

For some people, getting fitter and more active feels a bit intimidating. Maybe they’ve never done sport, or lack confidence in a gym environment. Walking is often overlooked but it’s free, accessible to the vast majority of people and a 10 minute brisk walk (where you are a little out of breath) each day has a whole heap of benefits.

Walking can:
? Boost your mood and help with anxiety and depression
? Improve lung function
❤️ Improve heart health
? Keep bones and joints healthy
?? Keep muscles strong
? Boost creativity and concentration
☀️ Boost vitamin D if in daylight

You’ll often hear 10,000 steps as a target but in reality it is dose dependent. The more you can do the better. 3000 days's better than 2000. 4000, better than 3000 and so on. But so far most researchers say 7000 is a good target for most people.

My miles have increased this month participating in Doddie Aid and I feel much better for it.
Walking to and from the gym, 20 mins each way, is a handy way for me to sneak a few more steps and get my heart rate up a little before a workout.

Walking home after squats was a bit interesting though ?

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