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What’s the story morning glory

14th March 2022

When it comes to our health most of us are more than happy to talk about our bad back, sprained ankle or tennis elbow.

Certain subjects still feel awkward and taboo for many though such as bladder, bowel and sexual function.

These parts of our health are equally (if not more) important too though and changes can signify wider health concerns.

So, inspired by a post by POGO Physiotherapy, fellas, I want to talk about boners.

What does that have to do with Physio you might wonder?

Well, it is very normal for men to have several erections each night and often on waking without any physical arousal.

This is a combination of parasympathetic nervous system activity while resting at night and higher testosterone levels in the morning.

When we over train or over stress the body testosterone can reduce leading to a loss of morning erections. So loss of the morning wood could be a sign you are overdoing things.

Overtraining can then lead on to injuries including stress fractures, tendinopathy and more frequent illness. And we all now how miserable it is to be injured.

There are also systemic issues that can affect erectile function too including cardiovascular disease and depression.Morning erections can naturally reduce as we age BUT, if you notice a change in sexual function or libido please talk to your GP or health care professional.It’s nothing to be embarrassed about….

I can assure you to us it’s no different to talking about any other aspects of your health.

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I have Physiotherapy experience in a huge variety of sports at amateur and elite level and has worked at both London 2012 in a multi-sport role and at Rio 2016 with the Bronze medal winning Wheelchair Basketball team.I currently work part-time with GB Judo alongside my private work.

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