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When is a niggle just a niggle?

22nd February 2024

When is a niggle just a niggle?

As we go through life we all get aches and pains.
Sometimes it’s associated with starting a new activity or a change in habits. And sometimes they appear for no obvious reason.
Very often pains go away by themselves in time.
If we ran to the Dr or Physio every time something hurt we’d never get anything done.
But many folk ignore pain for too long, and sometimes a delay in diagnosis can mean things take longer to get better. And in rare cases, mean something more serious is not picked up.

So when to get checked out?

Time - if pain is persisting more than a week or so. You may just need some advice to nip things in the bud and stop things from progressing.
Your pain is increasing in frequency or severity.
Your pain is aggravated or eased by certain activities.
Your pain has a daily pattern such as worse when getting out of bed in the morning or worse at night.
Your pain started after an injury.
Your pain is associated with other symptoms such as a hot joint, swelling, redness etc
Your pain is affecting your sleep.
Your pain is affecting your day to day function, recreational activities and quality of life.
So if you have a pain that isn’t going away, get things checked out by a qualified healthcare professional.

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